• WaterCam


    WaterCam is a special camera which is triggered by a certain water level. For this purpose […]

  • Byens Puls

    Byens Puls

    “The ambition of the Copenhagen Panorama is to create a poetic as well as a rational […]

  • Wildkleee (KLEEE03)

    Wildkleee (KLEEE03)

    Kleee03 or Wildkleee is the third generative laser performance on our collaborative platform KLEEE. The third […]

  • Lo & Leduc Reloaded

    Lo & Leduc Reloaded

    Together with Tonio Finkam, we designed the new light show for the Reloaded tour in December […]



    Kleee is an interactive laser platform under development. The box contains a 3.5W RGB Laser, a […]

  • Goldberg sehen

    Goldberg sehen

    Bachs Goldbergvariationen in der Fassung für Streichtrio, gespielt von drei preisgekrönten Kammermusikern. Der Medienkünstler Jonas Fehr […]

  • The Wave – LichtGestalt #2

    The Wave – LichtGestalt #2

    I marts måned præsenterer The Wave det audio-visuelle værk Lichtgestalt #2. Værket består grundlæggende af to […]

  • Impact Overfill

    Impact Overfill

    Manifest The installation deals with the power of manipulation based on the idea that your actions […]

  • Vallensbæk (Interactive Spaces Lab)

    Vallensbæk (Interactive Spaces Lab)

    Cooperating with Interactive Spaces Lab, we have developed an interactive installation just next to Egholm school […]

  • Atmosphere – Radar

    Atmosphere – Radar

    The extraordinary event Atmosphere was created as an experiment to extend the normal concert experience. Beside […]

  • The Wave

    The Wave

    A journey to the end of the pier. The Wave is a huge interactive installation, manifested […]

  • Glycomics


    Together with the research group for glycomics of Københavns Universitet and the poet Morten Søndergår we […]

  • DarkReflections


    Dark Reflections is a 20 minute audio visual experience, especially designed for the Sankt Nicolai Kirke […]

  • TREE.0 (Interactive Spaces Lab)

    TREE.0 (Interactive Spaces Lab)

    TREE.0 is an urban experiment currently in progress on Vester Voldgade in Kopenhagen. It explores how […]

  • Lydspejlet (Obscura)

    Lydspejlet (Obscura)

    Lydspejlet is a publc interactive installation in Varde. The installation consists of more than 100 light […]

  • LichtGestalt


    The interactive audio visual composition LichtGestalt is reflecting on how virtual worlds are invading our real […]

  • Molecules


    Molecules is the new album by AKKUquintet. The live concerts are supported with generative visuals based […]

  • Giana Factory

    Giana Factory

    During my internship at Obscura, we designed a special setup for the last concert of Giana […]

  • Sono Fluo

    Sono Fluo

    Sono Fluo is an interactive installation with the idea to give anyone the possibility to contribute […]

  • Sonic Movements no.1 – 5

    Sonic Movements no.1 – 5

    With Sonic Movements the Orbital Garden starts several series of musical an visual microscopic slow movements. […]

  • Les yeux percés or voir|voix

    Les yeux percés or voir|voix

    «Es geht um das Erscheinen der Stimme: ihr Auftauchen, in Erscheinung treten und Untertauchen. Ein Gemurmel […]

  • The Space Between

    The Space Between

    Installation including – a icosahedron (steel pipes 3.1m) – fabric (cotton) – 3 projectors – 5 […]

  • Studie #1

    Studie #1

    “Man kann den eigenen «Schönheitshorizont» erweitern. Man kann dazu lernen und neue Schönheiten für sich entdecken. […]

  • Brushing


    a piece for music stand and two brushes 8′ Two brushes meet an unsuspecting music stand. […]

  • Point Barre

    Point Barre

    The musical theater is a work of Pascal Viglino. He got a carte blanche of the […]

  • Sypemeda


    SYPEMEDA (Stage for Young PErforming and MEDia Artists) seeks to enhance the access of young artists […]

  • Stages of Sleep

    Stages of Sleep

    Stages of Sleep is a live music performance with live visuals. The quintet is playing a […]

  • and it’s still turning…

    and it’s still turning…

    a piece for 4 effect pedals and a spring-reverb ~8′ Rezession und Depression,  ein Zyklus, der […]

  • Westwärts schweift der Blick

    Westwärts schweift der Blick

    a composition for guitar and 6 electromagnets 9′ 52” Music instruments create sounds, loudspeakers recreate sounds. […]

  • Nachtwandlung


    Die Sonne geht unter, es dämmert, die Dunkelheit bricht ein. Die Nacht mit all ihren Gesichtern […]

  • Copy & Paste

    Copy & Paste

    Copy & Paste, the wacky Electro-Trash-Pop duo from Switzerland, beats the punk out of their synthesizer […]

  • Sinneswandel


    Klangfarbe Farbenklang An installation to experience connections between colour and sound. Through a prime tube the […]