Stages of Sleep

Stages of Sleep is a live music performance with live visuals.
The quintet is playing a composition based on human sleep-cycle.
It contains five different stages of sleep. Each piece relates to one of those five stages. The transitions between the different stages are fluent – once the performance has started, there’s no break until the end of the sleep.
The visual material is based on medical measurements. These measurements are electric brain waves captured of a sleeping person (polysomnography). Each stage has its own typical wave-structure.
The visuals are projected and mapped on specially fabricated aluminium panels.

Manuel Pasquinelli (Drum), Thierry Lüthy (Tenor Saxophone), Maja Nydegger (Piano, Rhodes), Markus Ischer (Guitar), Jeremias Keller (E-Bass) & Jonas Fehr (Visuals)