Copy & Paste

Copy & Paste, the wacky Electro-Trash-Pop duo from Switzerland, beats the punk out of their synthesizer and enhances 80s-synth-pop with a good pinch of humor.
In summer 2011 I recreated, together with the light designer Tonio Finkam, their performance to what it is now.
Four roll-curtains are the screens. They are possible to open to get more depth on stage during the show. The visuals are hold as graphical patterns and are pre-produced and coded with processing. The show itself is controlled and mapped with module8. Light equipment is supported by the venues.

Copy & Paste are

Cheyenne Mackay Loosli (Voclas)
Mischu Loosli (Sounds & compositons)

Beryll Rider, Jonas Alther (Sound engineer)
Tonio Finkam, Miriam Wolf, Dibens Spring, Maria Liechti (Light & Visuals Live)
Jonas Fehr, Tonio Finkam (Concept Show, Lights & Visuals)

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