The Wave

A journey to the end of the pier.
The Wave is a huge interactive installation, manifested in forty both glowing and sounding triangular gates.
The installation is designed, constructed, built and developed by Obscura Vertigo on the initiative of FrostFestival and the Ofelia Plads association.
During the 4 weeks we have been creating new content for the installation in close collaboration with the sound designers Peter Albrechtsen and Jamie Thurman.
The soundscape were based on recordings and samples from We Like We, Solbrud and the producer Rune Rask.
The installation span over a length of 78m, the single gate has a side length of 4m containing over 1200 controlled “pixels” each.

4. February – 4. Marts 2017
Ofelia Plads, København, Denmark

pictures by Morten Schrøder and Malthe Ivarsson