Byens Puls

“The ambition of the Copenhagen Panorama is to create a poetic as well as a rational image of Copenhagen. The exhibition, which is staged in a space where light and sound subtly change, precise statistics and data of the city’s development are presented as well as transport, lifestyle and habits of the Copenhageners. The materiality of the design reflects the city’s volatility but also the stability and weight that history and the city itself manifests.”     

Exhibition Architect Johan Carlsson, JAC studios.

ByensPuls is part of the Copenhagen Panorama conceptualized and designed by JAC studios. With deep blue lasers, we give the otherwise static city model life. For the occasion, I developed a new software capable of mapping the 11 lasers able to generate one big image. We created different visualizations for traffic, nightlife, and to outline sektions of the model. Tough a lot of it is generative and every 24min, when a new sequence starts, it won’t be compleately the same.

Copenhagen Panorama, Collaborators

Exhibition Concept and Design: JAC studios

Lighting Design: Fortheloveoflight, Nikolaj Birkelund

Text & Graphics: Copenhagen Museum

Media Design: Dark Matters

Model Works: Steen Holdt

Laser Works: Jonas Fehr

Programming and Interface: No Parking Productions

Interior Fixtures, Joinery and Fittings: CPH steel

Electrical Installations: SIF gruppen

Photographer: JAC studios, Jensen Pictures