The interactive audio visual composition LichtGestalt is reflecting on how virtual worlds are invading our real world, and how we adapt on their compromises. The installation is a hybrid and works as a mediation between its virtual space of simulations and the physical space we are living in.
In the installation the visitor is confronted with a virtual ecosystem behaving at it‘s own conditions and physics while its reactions are designed to be understood and retraced through the training we‘ve got from our everyday life. The simulation is manifested in light rays which change their materiality and become tactile through the use of modern technique, a behaviour enhancing our own known physical world. In order to communicate with the creatures of the simulation, the spectator has to investigate their behaviour and adapt to their fragile reactions.

„LichtGestalt: Interaction with sound through swarms of light rays“ (SMC‘15, Maynooth, Ireland, August 2015)
„Indirection Between Movement and Sound in an Interactive Sound Installation“ (MoCo‘15, Vancouver, Canada, August 2015)