Jonas Fehr, Bern (*1987)

The work of Jonas Fehr is widely spread from sound creation over lighting to visuals and stage design. He often works with minimalistic expressions, researching the borders and qualities of perception. With roots in electronics, he usually works across multiple media, developing the necessary hard- and software himself. Through different solo projects or in cooperation with other artists, he expands his visual and aural language. An expression with tendencies to be rather abstract, playing with subtle qualities evolving slowly over time.

With his work for the artist collective Vertigo (Obscura) in the recent years – a company specialised in creating unique visual experiences with light and moving images for various events, concerts, museums and interactive installations – he could develop his visual expression, but also gain a lot of experience developing both soft- and hardware for a huge variety of different setups.

During his apprenticeship as an electronic technician, he started doing the lights in the collective of the venue Dachstock Reitschule Bern back in 2004. He graduated with a bachelor degree in Music and Media Art (now called SoundArt) at the Hochschule der Künste Bern in 2013, followed by a master of science degree in Medialogy at Aalborg University Copenhagen in 2015.
For more details, see a full CV on LinkedIn.